Sunday, 10 September 2017

Updated Haircare Routine

Hey guys! So it's been a while since I've did a hair care blog post and over the past few months my routine has changed quite a bit. I still get my hair bleached quite often so my main concern is still dryness and damage. Even after switching up my routine I still get lots of compliments about the condition and thickness of my hair. It must mean it's working!

I shampoo my hair 2/3 times a week. I alternate between a moisturising shampoo and a purple shampoo. For my moisturising shampoo I use the garnier ultimate blends. I just finshed the coconut one which I loved but I needed something thicker so I got the honey treasures one. I'm actually so impressed with the ultimate blends range. It moisturises without weighing down my hair and it's perfect for my very sensitive scalp. If a shampoo can pass my scalp test then we are on to a winner.

For purple shampoo I'm still with my one love, the provoke touch of silver. I mentioned this on my blog a few times. It is the only purple shampoo I've used that I can see a difference with only one use. I leave it in my hair for 10 mins while I'm in the shower and then rinse. If you didn't want to commit to a big bottle straight away, Dealz do little bottles for €1.50. They're so handy.

As I mentioned in my last haircare post I don't use conditioner. Instead I use masks and I use them every time I wash my hair. I'm using the honey treasures mask from garnier. I still love the Toni and guy reconstructer mask but if you're on a budget this will do just fine. The smell off the honey treasure range is gorgeous and it leaves my hair super soft.

I'm still obsessed with leave in moisturiser and sprays. The one I'm loving at the moment is the protein spray by Label.m. This product has been raved about by my partner who is a hairdresser. After hearing so much about it I had to try it. Lads, it's amazing! It's gives my hair shine, softness, and gets rid of that bleach blonde porous feeling. When I get out of the showers I lash this into my hair scalp to tip and leave it dry. I got mine from Studio20 in Naas, Kildare but you can get it online too. It's my new fav thing.

So those are the new items added into my hair care routine to keep the aul mop happy. I'm still using and loving the lee Stafford hair growth serum, I just didn't want to bore ye all with that again!!

Anyways thanks for reading and if anyone has any questions please ask!!


Monday, 28 August 2017

My "no makeup" make up look

Hey guys! So as some of you may know I am now working back with makeup. I am so happy as it's my passion, I mean who wouldn't be happy when they get to play with makeup everyday. I wear a full face of makeup everyday on the counter and I'm starting to not like my skin without any. So on my days off I go for my "no makeup" look. Its just a makeup look that evens out my skin tone and hides any blemishes without looking like I have any makeup on. This look would be perfect for someone wanting a more natural look or for any guy wanting to wear makeup but afraid to go whole hog. I'm actually going to have a blog post out soon about men and makeup and how we still are afraid to admit we wear makeup, especially on rural Ireland. So for this blog I'll have a step by step with pics on what I do. I did try to film little clips instead of pics but me nerves are shot from trying to deal with technology. Enough with the ranting!!

Step 1: Prep and Prime.

So firstly my skin is cleansed and moisturised. Moisturised skin makes the foundation look less caked and it sits well on the skin. For primer I used the Benefit Porefessional. I love this primer as it fills in my pores lovely and gives my skin a nice silky base to put my foundation on. It retails for €34 but all I use is a pea size amount. I focus it on my nose and t-zone as they're most oily. You can get cheaper alternatives but you pay for what you get when it comes to makeup.

Step 2: Conceal.

Concealer is everyones best friend! I used it for my under eye dark circles and to cover any blemishes. A lot of people conceal after foundation but I do it before on this makeup look because sometimes if you conceal after foundation every where you put it is highlighted from the rest of your face and we ain't trying to highlight anything here. I used the Collection lasting perfection concealer. This is so cheap at €5.79 in boots. I buff this into the skin with a damp beauty sponge.

Step 3: Foundation.

Now this is the most important part. You need to find a foundation that suits your skin type that is light to medium coverage. I'm loving the Rimmel match perfection foundation as it's medium coverage and it's the perfect shade for me. It retails for €10.49 in boots. On days where I'm going for this look I sheer it out by only using 1 pump for my whole face and buffing it in with my damp beauty sponge. The damp sponge helps spread the product more evenly.

Step 4: Set it in place.

Use a powder to lock the foundation into place and to keep you matte. Using a translucent powder would be perfect as it adds no extra colour to your face. I use my bourjois healthy balance powder as it's the exact same colour as my foundation and it's perfect for keeping my skin oil free. I lightly pat it onto my skin with a fluffy powder brush. This ensures I'm not moving the foundation about.

Step 5 Brows (optional).

Men can get away without doing this step if they want. I always do my brows no matter what. Instead of craving out my brows like I normally do, for this look I'm using a brow gel for a more natural look. I'm using Benefits Gimme Brow. I love this as unlike most other brow gel it distributes the right amount of product on my brows. It retails for €26 but essence do a cheap one for a couple of Euro. I get a clean spoolie and brush my brow hairs in the way I want them to go, then I get my gimme brow and apply the product focusing on the middle to end part of my brow. When I feel like I have only a small bit of product left I do the front of my brow. You don't want the front of your brows to be too blocky, it ruins the no makeup illusion!! And just like that we are done!!

So that is how I do my no makeup look. I know most if you know how to do this but this is for anyone starting out with makeup or my fellow fellas out there who need a helping hand. Hope you enjoy and I'll be back soon!

Byeeeeeeee :)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Empties 2017 pt. 2

Hey guys. I hope everyone is well and hasn't melted in this heatwave we are having. Today's post is my second empties of the year. I try to do one every 3 months and with the year half way over we are due another post. As usual I will give ye a little description on the products as well as my thoughts and if I would purchase or not. Enjoy!

Hair care

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Serum

I have mentioned this product in my April favs (link)) If ye have read that you will know I loved that product so much. I'm devo that I ran out, I would buy more but I'm on a spending ban (for now). This lasts me about 3 months and I put 2/3 drops in damp hair after my shower and massage it into my scalp. No joke baby hairs started sprouting around my hairline. I have thick hair but this made the thickness go to another level. I got the boyf into it too and he loves it.


Lush Cosmetics Sea Spray

This is a sea salt spray from Lush that is supposed to give you textured hair. You can spray it into wet or dry hair and scrunch for wavy hair. I took me well over a year to get through that. I worked for lush for a few years and I have used it on and off. I dislike this product so much. I kept giving it second chances but for €15 a bottle I'm giving up. It made my hair hard and crunchy but without even putting waves into it. Also on a few bottles I bought the sea salt clogs up the nozzle and the spray just squirts out, not fun. I recently bought the Penneys texturising spray and I love it. Also it's €2.50, I mean come on..

Repurchase: hell to the naaahhhh


Benefits It's Potent Eye Cream

A lot of people don't know that Benefit Cosmetics have a skincare range. It was only when I worked for Benefit that I came across this eye cream. Retailing for a whopping €32.50 it's pricey. I bought this mini in boots for €6 and it has last me about 6 weeks. Hands down this is the best eye cream I've used. It improved my dark circles so much I looked more rested than sleeping beauty herself. I would recommend getting the mini first to try but you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Repurchase: Yes! And if anyone wants to buy me the full size one I won't stop ya!

Balance Me Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser.

This is a Cream cleanser suitable for all skin types promoting collagen in the skin and leaving you feeling soft and not stripped. I bought this in Tk Maxx for €9.99 but it retails normally for €25 and you can get it in M&S. In typical Tk Maxx fashion I haven't seen another bottle since the one I bought. It last me about three months and I loved every bit of it. It improved my skin so much and I had such soft and clear skin from it. Apparently Emma Watson uses it and if it's good for Emma it's good for me.

Repurchase: Yes!

Evoluderm Hyaluronic Anti Age Toner

Another Tk Maxx purchase. I recently have been interested in anything that is anti aging so when I saw this I thought I'd give it a go. It's a toner in an aerosol form. It was so handy to use. I love toners that spray out rather than the liquids you have to put onto cotton pads. It made my skin feel nice but nothing spectacular. I didn't see any anti aging happening after using it but I know these things take weeks to show improvements and I only had it for a few weeks.

Repurchase: yes but probably for convenience more than anything.

Penneys PS Love To Glow mask.

This is going to be brief as I have a blog post about this (link). I finished it a few days after my last empties post so I kept the packaging till now (blogger problems). We all know I love this and it's comparable to the L'Oréal glow mask. Cheap as chips but effective AF.

Repurchase: duh..

Body Care

Lush Cosmetics Snow Fairy Shower gel

Such a cult classic for Lush. Every Christmas it comes out. When I worked for lush I hated it with a passion but since I left I love it and it brings back happy memories. It's vibrant pink and smells like bubblegum, every 10 year old girls (and mine) dreams. The boyf bought it for me for Christmas and it has lasted me since then. I should have got more to last me the year.

Repurchase: it will be on my list to santa.

So that has been my empties for the 2nd quarter of 2017. I'm already finishing up a good few products as we speak so the empties might be back sooner than you think.

Thank you so much for reading!

Byeeeeeee :)

Friday, 16 June 2017

Mini Penneys Haul + Review

Hey guys! Hope everyone is keeping well. Today's post is a little penneys haul I did plus a review of the things I bought. Ye seemed to love my last few Penneys' posts so I said id pick up a few bits, show ye what I got and do a review. I bought these items 2 weeks ago now and I have trialed them all fairly. I know I keep saying this but Penneys is upping it's game when it comes to beauty products, they never cease to amaze me. In the mini haul I bought Vitamin E eye patches, the PS Love Your Hair texturising spray and the Wake Up energising spray. I'll give a brief description about each one and Ill give you my thoughts on them!

Vitamin E Eye Patches.

I was all over these when I see them in Penneys. They claim to reduce under eye puffiness and god knows the last time I had a decent sleep (probably when I was in the womb). I think they were €1.50, I am such a bad blogger I ripped off the price and tore right into those bad boys the minute I got in the door. Vitamin E as we all know brightens the skin so that would help with dark circles. You get 15 treatments for the pack which is great deal.

Ill start off on what I didn't like about them and get that out of the way. The packaging is not that practical for my liking. As you can see from the pic they are all just inside stuck together and you have to peeled them off one another yourself. It just makes me think of dirt and dust getting in there. On a more positive note I did see a slight improvement in the darkness of my under eye. I leave them on for 20 mins and they genuinely look a little brighter. Now the results are not miraculous but for €1.50 it's worth it. I would purchase these again but Penneys hun, please sort out the packaging.

PS Love Your Hair Texturising Spray.

I'm not usually a fan of texturising or surf sprays, I just find that they don't work for me and leave my hair hard and sticky. It was €2.50 and i thought to myself I had nothing to lose. It comes on a lovely little black spray bottle and smells divine. It has sea salt and seaweed in it which is suppose to give you that beachy wavy look. You can use it on damp or dry hair and leave it dry naturally or blow dry it.

Lads.. I'm shook! I fecking love this stuff. It actually works for me and doesn't make my hair hard or sticky. I used to use the Sea Spray from Lush for €15 for years and It always made my hair crunchy and rotten looking. I use it by spraying onto damp hair after a shower, scrunching my hair a couple of times and then leave it to air dry. I am definitely going to repurchase it when it runs out.

Wake Up Energising spray.

These were all over facebook a few weeks back and I was mad to try them. When I went to Penneys all they had was this one but I didn't mind because as much as its hard for me to get a good nights sleep, it's twice as hard to get me up and going once I have nodded off. Not gonna lie i'm a bit devo because I thought it was a face mist when in fact its a body mist. It actually says not to spray it near your face. It's a ginger and lemon spray that you spritz onto your pulse points to help you wake up in the morning. This product was also €2.50

I'm trying to find good points on this product and all I can say is that it smells nice. To be honest I do think this is a bit of a gimmick. I felt no difference at all spraying this and it didn't make getting out of bed any easuer. I probably wouldn't repurchase this again but I would try the lavender pillow spray from this range.

So that was my little Penneys Haul. If anyone wants me to try out something and review just leave me a comment. Thank you!

Byeeeeeeeee :)

Friday, 2 June 2017

Product Review: Primark's Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Hey guys long time no blog eh!? Sorry I was M.I.A. for the month of may I was having a bit of bloggers block, but it's a new month so new me right?...
Today's blog post is on the Penneys/Primark hot cloth facial cleanser. I've never used a hot cloth cleanser before and I've been dying to try one out and when I saw one in Penneys I had to pick it up. I've been trialing it for a month now so I feel I can give ye a good review on the product.

The Product

Lads, Penneys have been upping their game when it comes to cosmetics, like a hot cloth cleanser a few years back would be total notions. First off the price is very reasonable. You get 150ml for €6 which is a fair amount compared to other brands. The popular hot cloth facial brand Liz Earle comes in at €19 in boots for only just 100ml of product and No7 comes in at €14. I haven't tried these but it is said that the Penneys one is a good dupe for the No7 hot cloth cleanser. I'm a beauty bargain hunter and when I hear the word dupe I'm all over it. Ingredients wise it has cocoa butter jojoba oil grape seed oil and vitamin e. All these ingredients help to give a brighter complexion. This is a very oil rich cleanser that is said to break down make up and well as soften the skin.

My thoughts

At first I was scared to use it as I'm oily AF but my skin loved it.  My skin looked brighter and felt softer but most of all it actually felt clean. I was pleasantly surprised by this because it is a thick cleanser packed full of oil. To use it I take a €2 size amount of the cleanser and massage it into my face, I'm so heavy handed with it but still after a month I have over have the tube left. Next I get a hot damp face cloth and I lightly sweep it around my face. This gives me a light exfoliation which I love. This has now made it into my skincare routine as a twice a week treat when my skin is feeling tight from spot treatments. I am definitely going to repurchase this if i ever get through my current tube.

So all in all this is a great cleanser. It's kind of making me want to buy other hot cloth cleansers now. I'm excited to see what Penneys brings out next. If you have any questions on this cleanser leave a comment below.

Byeeeeeeeeee :)

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Product Review: L'Oreal Hydra Genius Moisturiser.

Hey guys! In today's blog post i'll be reviewing the new moisturiser from L'Oreal, The Hydra Genius Aloe water. I got mine for normal to combination skin. I have a tonne of skincare, like seriously in a few years to come you will see me on an episode of Hoarders no doubt, but what I needed badly was a new moisturiser. I saw L'Oreal promoting it for a few weeks before it became available in Ireland and I was dying to try it. I have been using it for a month straight now so I feel I have enough to go on to give ye all a proper reivew.

About the Moisturiser.

First of all, can we have a round of applause for L'oreal who in the past few years have stepped their packaging game up. The Hydra Genius' packaging is no exception to that. It is sleek, sophisticated and looks high-end. It come in a glass bottle with a blue/green metallic pump. The glass is see through so you no how much product is left. It claims to lock in Moisture for  up to 72hrs, but I'm always skeptical about that because who doesn't wash their face for 3 days, ya nasty.. This moisturiser is packed with Aloe Water & Hyaluronic Acid according to its website. I'm very much all about the hyaluronic acid lately. For those who don't know what it is, it's an ingredient that holds moisture into the skin. The moisturiser comes in three different types; Normal to combination (my pick), dry and sensitive skin. It costs €12.99 for 70ml normally, but as I'm writing this Boots are having  a One Third of L'Oreal products sale making it €8.66.

My thoughts?

Guys... This moisturiser totally lived up to my expectations. I think I have finally found my permanent moisturiser! It suits my combo skin so much, it doesn't feel heavy but I feel like it keeps me hydrated throughout the day.  L'Oreal say "The Liquid Care; Fresh as water hydrating as a cream" and I whole-heartedly agree. Believe it or not but I got a bit sizzled in the sun the other, and when I got home I put some of this on it felt amazing. The aloe in it is great to calm down the skin. I'm 100% going to repurchasing this moisturiser again, but just maybe wait until the sale comes around again.

If ye have any more questions on this product please don't hesitate to ask and if ye have any other products ye want me to review leave a comment below! Thank you!

Byeeeeeeee :)

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

April's "Totally Alright or Pure Shite"

Hey guys! Today's blog post is gonna be the start of a new series for me. It's my Totally alright or pure shite of the month. I've picked out a few things I've been using over the past month and I'll tell ye if I love it (totally alright) or if I hate it (pure shite). I was getting bored of just talking about products I liked and I wanted to keep it real with ye all too. I'm not here to bash brands but if I don't like something I'm gonna say it. I find some bloggers hype up products to get the brands attention and the product turns out to be pure shite and we waste our money, so hopefully this series of blogs will help you save your money for the stuff that works.

The Totally Alrights

The Ordinary's Advanced Retinoid 2%

Of course this is in the favourites list of the month, I wouldn't be putting it into a giveaway if I hated it. Even though it purged my skin a bit at first I love love love this product! As I'm not a spring chicken any more I'm starting to look into anti-aging products. I heard great things about the advanced retinoid and had to give it a try. It's a derivative of retinol (vitamin a) and is known to be anti-aging. This is a wonder product as it gets rid of fine lines but also because it clears up blemishes and breakouts. I use it every second night before my moisturiser and when I wake up I don't even know myself my skins that good. Definitely a repurchase for me.

Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Scalp Serum

I've had this a few months and I've only used it constantly this month and my holy mother of god obsessed is not the word. I recently went from silver to brown (yet again!) so my hair wasn't as thick and lustrous as it used to be but after 2 weeks of using this I had baby hairs sprouting up that I never had hair. It claims to grow, strengthen and volumize hair, and it does exactly what is claims to do.  I totally recommend it to all the hair dyers out there.

Superfacialist by Una Brennan Salicylic Acid Wash

Do you know when you try something great from a brand and immediately want to try the rest of their range? Well that's me with Superfacialist by Una Brennan. I've heard about the brand but never tried it until I came across this face wash in Tk Maxx. Now this is a cleanser that will leave you feeling squeaky clean (which I love), so dry skin types be warned. I used this at night time and I love it because it get rid of all the dirt and oils from the day. It has salicylic acid in it which reduces blemishes. My skin after a few uses looked more clear. I love the smell off it, I think it's the elderflower in it but I could be wrong. If you're in the market for a new cleanser I'd recommend this one to my fellow oily skin people of the world

The Pure Shites

Garnier's Anti-Blemish Clarifying Tonic

I had such high hopes for this product. I bought this because I kept seeing youtubers give it amazing reviews. It is supposed to be this gel toner that soothes the skin whilst tightening pores and ridding the skin of blemishes. First of all this product was so difficult to use. I put some onto a cotton pad and them applied to my face, but it was hard to spread around as it completely sank into my skin on contact.  I didn't see any tightening of pores as well seeing no change with my blemishes. I've been using this since February but no results have been seen after using this. To me this has to be a pure shite item.

Charles Worthington Colour Enhancer Purple Shampoo.

I bought this when I was silver after I ran out of my trusty Touch of Silver shampoo and thought this would do the job. This was not my cup of tea at all. When your hair is dyed silver and gets brassy easily you need your shampoo to be the deepest darkest colour of purple. This was so light and no comparison to the touch of silver, I used it going on three weeks and had to stop, it did nothing for my hair. It was getting brassy even with using it. Thank god I only got a travel size because I'd be pissed to have spent almost €10 on something that didn't work. Now in saying that I recently saw they have a new purple shampoo in their range called the ultra violet and it looks to be a deep dark purple but after using this one I'm hesitant.

Earth Therapeutics Rejuvinating Collagen Sheet Masks

We all know I love a good face mask and especially I've been enjoying sheet masks but this one didn't make the cut. I bought these in Tk Maxx and any other sheet masks I have bought in there have been superb. These ones claim to leave your skin plump and rejuvenated but I absolutely saw no difference at all. There is five in a pack and I've used three and I can't see myself finishing the pack. The sheet mask is so hard to unfold it's like completely stuck together. Without fail everytime I put one on my face and tried to adjust its position it ripped on me. There is nothing worse when you're trying to get ready for a selfie in your sheet mask and it rips... not cute. I will not repurchase from this particular k beauty brand again. 

So that's it for the first months installment of Totally Alright or Pure Shite, I hope ye enjoyed and remember, if something doesn't work for me doesn't mean it's not going to work for you.

Byeeeeeeeeeee :)